My story: (short version)

I grew up in KatowiceA city in southwestern Poland and the center of the Silesian Metropolis, with a population of 304,362. It is the 16th most economically powerful city by GDP in the European Union with an output amounting to $114.5 billion - Wikipedia where I fell in love with snowboarding. I would drive to the mountains every weekend - rain or shine, sleet or snow. Following my passion, I moved to Austria to studyThe University of Innsbruck was founded in 1669 and is one of Austria’s oldest universities. Today, with over 28.000 students and 4.500 staff, it is western Austria’s largest institution of higher education and research - Universität Innsbruck in the heart of the Alps. Three years later I received a scholarship to go study in NorwayBI Norwegian Business School is one of Europe’s largest business schools with around 20.000 students and 340 permanent faculty. BI is the largest supplier of economic and administrative competence and skills in Norway - BI Handelshøyskolen - what an awesome experience that was! My snowboard career picked up at that point and I started working with amazing peopleA big, sincere thank you goes to: Wojtek Antonów, Hugo Morales, Marek Sąsiadek, Michał Całka, Rafał Wielgus, Łukasz Kosmowski, Leszek Kindrat, Roger Witkowski, Guido Vreuls, Wojtek Stec, Michał Alster, Tomek Wolak, Bartek Sibiga and all other amazing people I have met through snowboarding - Thank you! representing some of the finest brandsThanks DC Shoes, Monster Energy, Union Binding Company, Dragon Alliance, Burton Snowboards, Anon. It has been (was) a pleasure working with you!. After graduating I moved back to Poland and started working in techThanks Everyone at Browselabs, Replay, Freelance and Making Waves!. This is how I got interested in web development and I have been passionate about it ever since.